Published on July 5, 2020

If you received question what headlights you need complete or empty, whats that mean? 

All headlights for working condition need to have:
Bulbs, Modules, Ballasts, how many modules You need? its depends what model of car that You have.

If the headlight don't have this modules or bulbs, headlight just will not work, when you order headlight from manufactory headlights comes without modules, bulbs or other ballast.

*Empty headlight picture:


If you have broken glass or crached headlight, then probably You will need just empty headlight, 
If You're making retrofit, with another headlights You will need complete headlights with all modules, ballasts and bulbs.

All car models have different headlights, so all headlights need different modules and ballast, if you need complete headlight please contact us we will make offer for You'r car, we will check fitment and will provide correct item with best offer.


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