Published on August 4, 2020

You will need : 

1. Srewdriver for metal

2. Drills, 7mm wrench

3. All other parts will include in packing.




1. First will add accelaration pedal on, Remove the red sticking from other side and put to correct accelarator position first.


2. Now screw all 3 screws to accelarator, you don't need to use screwdriver at this moment, the correct tool will be in you're pack.


3. Remove old rubber from stop pedal

4. Add new rubber gum to correct position, and mark position of 3 screws then.

5. Remove new rubber once again, and use screwdriver to make 3 holes, in marked position, hole dimension you have to check with bolts you have received in package.

6. After you make holes, add rubber piece to the correct place.

7. Add Stainless part, and screw 3 screws on it




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