Published on January 29, 2020


Accessories for a tasteful home

For many people, decorating their own homes with exclusive accessories is an essential aspect of their personal quality of life. Our own four walls should reflect our individuality, our taste and our preferences. The place where we live should embody our personality. With beautiful, high-quality items from the Porsche Driver's Selection, you can demonstrate your passion for and love of the Porsche brand and motor sports in general. Many of the products are available only in limited editions. As a result, the exclusive lifestyle products from Porsche Driver's Selection are already in demand by collectors and are increasing in value. The stylish home accessories from Porsche enable you to make a tasteful design statement in your own home.

Porsche umbrella and other outdoor items

We know that quality is important to our customers, so it is no surprise that they would not buy just any umbrella. Porsche Driver's Selection has one of these everyday items on offer. With our umbrella, you will stay dry whatever the weather and demonstrate to other people your love of motor sports. You will also be impressed by the high quality and simple design of the other products in this category. The Porsche accessories have been carefully thought out down to the smallest detail and are of the usual first-class quality. From rucksacks and torches to umbrellas, you can rely on Porsche Driver's Selection products.

Motor sports caps from Porsche Driver's Selection

As soon as racing drivers take off their helmets, they put on sporty baseball caps to indicate which team they belong to. You can also show your allegiance with one of wide selection of Porsche peaked caps. Some are decorated with the Porsche logo or the Porsche crest and others with an embroidered 911 logo. Because of their discreet color schemes and stylish design, our exclusive caps make the perfect complement for ladies' and men's smart casual outfits. The workmanship and materials are first class and the caps are soft on your skin and comfortable to wear. Wearing a Porsche cap in your free time or at a sporting event indicates your love of motor sports in general and Porsche in particular.


Exclusive Porsche pins for your business outfit

A Porsche pin will subtly enhance your business outfit and add the perfect personal touch to your appearance. As a fashion statement, our pins are unobtrusive and yet unique. Demonstrate your passion for the Porsche brand with a high-quality tie-pin and declare your support for the values that the brand has stood for over decades. The characteristics that this historic crest represents include the highest standards of quality and an impressive balance between tradition and innovation. The Porsche pin enables you to show your allegiance in the office.




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